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Feb. 2-3, 2008

hey guys.  As you may have heard, this community will now be the pending permanant home for the country top 40. There is one factor. i have started a blog website, www.countrycentral.wordpress.com, the chart thus far will be posted there as will much much more. if that site proves to be more successful, then i shall move the chart there, but for now this community and the website will be the home for the top 40. Heres this week's chart.

40. Stronger Woman= Jewel
39. Picture To Burn= Taylor Swift
38. This Is Me You're Talking To 39
37. In My Next Life 38
36. We Rode In Trucks 36
35. Happy Endings 37
34. Maybe She'll Get Lonely 32
33. Another Try 34
32. it Ain't No Crime 35
31. We Weren't Crazy 31
30. For These Times 33
29. Something Aobut A Woman 29
28. Rollin' With The Flow 30
27. Takin' Off This Pain 28
26. Just Got Started Lovin' You 27
25. Love Don't Live Here 24
24. Workin' For A Livin' 25
23. Things That never Cross A Man's Mind 26
22. Love Is A Beautiful Thing 23
21. You Still Own Me 22
20. You're Gonna Miss This 21
19. It's Good To Be Us 20
18. Laughed Until We Cried 21
17. Suspicians 17
16. What Kinda Gone 18
15. International Harvester 15
14. God Must Be Busy 16
13. Get My Drink On 14
12. All-American Girl 13
11. Stealing Cinderella 12
10. Small Town Southern Man 11
9. What Do Ya Think About That 7
8. Shiftwork 9
7. Stay 4
6.  Cleanin' This Gun (Come On In Boy) 6
5. Ready, Set, Don't Go 8
4. Watching Airplanes 5
3. Everybody 1
2. Winner At A Losing Game 2
1. Letter To Me 3 (1 week)


Hello guys. Lately you are all aware of the shift of the top 40 to a community...well I had another oppertunity thrown at me. Through my connections I have  formed a blog at the following website:


I am considering starting the countdown on this website instead under which conditions it would be discontinued on livejournal and you guys could visit the site for updates. So i want your guys opinion on this again before I make it final. Let me know what you think k.

Greatest Hits

Keith Urban has made a true name for himself all over the music world, but no other genre knows him better than country. The Aussi has won award after award to make him a must know in the business. A rebel and one of the most talented songwritters and singers int today world he is a master. But is this package a true compliment to the master, heres the review of Keith's first Greatest Hits package co-named 18 Kids.

Keith Urban made a bold move naming this album 18 kids, for the pure reason that there are some significant loses here. However what this album includes is where it shines the most. From beginning to end Keith has put together a colaberation of his greatest powerhouse smashes from his huge career. AMong these is his current hit "Everybody" along with his other emotional balleds like "Tonight I Wanna Cry" and "Stupid Boy". Of course his most popular #1 hits are also included like "Making Memories Of Us", "You'll Think Of Me", and "Somebody Like You". His record breaking "Once In A Liftime" is included as are the rest of his works from his recent album "Love, Pain And The Whole Crazy Thing". This collection is a true compliment to Keith and a must have for anyone who has failed to collect his albums thus far. And to those who have Keith adds a new song to the project, "Romeo's Tune" which is a cover of the Steve Forbert classic from almost 30 years ago. 

The issues with this project are few, but significant. Keith has taken a risk treating his songs as his kids in the album title because he has excluded his debut and only non-top 10 hit, "Its A Love Thing". The debut single is a very significant career milestone that should have been added to the project with proper recognition. In addition Keith has failed to include his popular album cuts "You Look Good In My Shirt" and "Live To Love Another Day" and shows no sign of the Ranch. However these really can't be counted as actual "hits".The only other flaw is that his popularity has lead to a highly successful album sales that make this album pointless to anyone who owns his other albums. What impresses me is his other new track, a remix of "Got It Right This TIme" which in a way shows that Keith really has gotten it right. This truly is a diffinative collection for Keith. However his minor exclusion of his debut hit is a truley fatal flaw in this otherwise excellent package of music. 



1. Romeo's Tune
2. Got it Right This Time (The Celebration)
3. I Told You So
4. Stupid Boy
5. Better Life
6. Making Memories Of Us
7. Once In A Lifetime
8. Tonight I Wanna Cry
9. You're My Better Half
10. Days Go By
11. But For The Grace Of God
12. You'll Think Of Me
13. Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
14. Raining On Sunday
15. Where The Blacktop Ends
16. Your Everything
17. Somebody Like You
18. Everybody

 The Ultimate Hits ( Garth Brooks )

Garth makes a comeback with none other than an Ultimate Hits package. This three disk pack contains not only three new songs, but a DVD featuring every video Garth has made and more. However, is it really an accurate and legitimate collection of Garth's hits. Here's the review.

The flaws in this album are not in what is included, but of course what is not. Garth brings together tracks that any devoted country radio listener has probably heard over and over again. His new material is good, the record breaking "More Than A Memory" and "Midnight Sun", but even one of those is a remake, "Workin' For A Livin'", but a good one. With multiple duets and #1 hits, this is a truly gifted album from a truly gifted person expressing his connections with those all over the genre and music as a whole from is wife Trisha to Huey Lewis. However, this work lacks a very significant duet with Garth's mentor and good friend Chris LeDoux, "Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy", that was recorded for one of LeDoux's album, possibly the only acceptable reason for its absense. While this album contains countless hits from top tens to top twenties, it lacks many of Garth's other less played successes such as his early hits "Not Counting You" which hit #2, "One Night A Day" that hit top 10, and other popular top tens like "It's Midnight Cinderella", "You Move Me", "It's Your Song" and "Wild Horses" Even the highly played "Somewhere Other Than The Night" was excluded. Even some #1's were dropped from the roster to make room for lesser hits, including "She's Every Woman" which hit #1 from his "Fences" album unlike its follow up singles that were included in this project. His newer hits "Love Will Always Win" and "That Girl Is A Cowboy" were not priviledged to be part of the project and there is no sign of his one-album alternate identity of Chris Gaines which played a huge part in Garth's career. The highly popular album cut "The Red Strokes" was also excluded as a hit.

With the understanding that Garth has included most of his really huge hits, such as "Two Pina Coladas", "The Thunder Roles", "Good Ride Cowboy", "Standing Outside The Fire", "The Change", "Rodeo", and many more, its really hard to make this the "ultimate hits". I don't expect him to fit every song he's ever had on a collection, but there is disapointment that many of his most deserving and influencial songs were excluded from an otherwise flawless tribute to the most successful artist of the past 20 years. I also give due credit for a video collection, but maybe a third disk of music that hasn't been given due credit yet would have been more appropriate. Otherwise this is just a list of Garth's most popular hits, not his ultimate hits.


Track list:

Disk 1

1. Ain't Going Down ('Till The Sun Comes Up)
2. Friends In Low Places
3. Shameless
4. Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House
5. The Beaches Of Cheyenne
6. If Tomarrow Never COmes
7. Papa Loved Mama
8. More Than A Memory
9. Good Ride Cowboy
10. In Another's Eyes (The duet with Trisha Yearwood)
11. The Fever
12. Midnight Sun
13. Learning To Live Again
14. Longneck Bottle (Featuring Steve Wariner)
15. To Make You Feel My Love
16. We Shall Be Free
17. The Dance

Disk 2

1. Callin' Baton Rouge
2. Two Pina Coladas
3. The Thunder Rolls
4. That Summer
5. The River
6. Beer Run (The duet with George Strait)
7. Unanswered Prayers
8. Much To Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
9. Workin' For A Livin' (The duet with Huey Lewis)
10. What She's Doing Now
11. When You Come Back To Me Again (From Frequency)
12. Standing Outside The Fire
13. American Honky-Tonk Bar Association
14. The Change
15. Rodeo
16. Wrapped Up In You

~Bonus Track~ 
Leave A Light On

Disk 3

This disk contains 33 videos from Garth's career including new and unreleased videos.

Album Review: "Family" by LeAnn Rimes


One of todays strongest female voices in country music releases another project, with all self-written material. But can it match up to the evolving genre and the difinative sound that made LeAnn a country classic. Here's the review of her newest album "Family".

An old saying goes "if you want to here a singers real voice, have them write their own songs". LeAnn proves that in this work. Every track feels and sounds sincere and enjoyable to not only her but the listener. She shows every point of her personality in this work for a truely sophisticated performance from country's early childhood star. She brings in some of her most memorable performances in such songs as "Nothin' Better To Do", her rebelious first single off the album, and "Family", the title track dedicated to family support in a breakup. LeAnn supports these songs with powerfully fun vocals, really showing how she's come into her own vocally. The most impressive point of this album is LeAnn's ability to bring out the real significance of the lyrics in the songs. She is able to sing it true just enough so that the lyrics speak for themselves in such songs as "Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine" and "Doesn't Everybody". Of course love songs are included, and non better than a LeAnn song. Included are "Something I Can Feel" and "I Want You WIth Me" that show for the first time the connection LeAnn has with her husband in words. This album has everything you would love from LeAnn, including her traditional influence in the old fashioned "One Day To Long". Probably the best track on the album is "What I Cannot Change", which is a lovely balled about realizing you can't always make that difference. LeAnn sings it from the heart in one of the most believable performances by any artist today.

Compiled with love, grit, power and emotion LeAnn gives it all in her own work and even gets help from Reba McEntire, Bon Jovi, and Marc Broussard for multiple examples of how universal her sound is and how powerful she is as a young artist. She is still young and has a long road ahead of her but I think she's finally found her footing with this album.


Track List:

1. Family
2. Nothin' Better To Do
3. Fight
4. Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine
5. Something I Can Feel
6. I Want You With Me
7. Doesn't Everybody
8.Nothing Wrong (Duet with Marc Broussard)
9. Pretty Things
10. Upper Hand
11. One Day Too Long
12. What I Cannot Change

Bonus Tracks:

13. Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore (Duet with Bon Jovi)
14. When You Love Someone Like That (Duet with Raba McEntire)


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